Trade Mark Protection

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CCTT establishes and maintains national competency standards for certifying members in the following 14 applied science and engineering technology disciplines: bioscience, industrial, building, instrumentation, chemical, mechanical, civil, mining, electrical, petroleum, electronics, geomatics, forestry, and information technology.

CCTT's provincial associations are responsible for issuing these highly regarded credentials, which are recognized by provincial statute in many Canadian provinces. Once certified, technicians and technologists may use one of the following professional designations: CET (Certified Engineering Technologist); AScT (Applied Science Technologist); CTech (Certified Technician); and TP (technologue professionnel).
The following is a list of trade marks protected by CCTT:

  • AScT
  • CET
  • CTech
  • Certified Technician
  • Certified Engineering Technologist
  • Certified Engineering Technician
  • Engineering Technology
  • Applied Science Technology
  • Applied Science Technologist