Who are Canada's Tech Workers?

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A new report by the  Brookfield Institute for Innovation + Entrepreneurship sheds new light on who Canada’s tech workers are, where they work, what they earn, and which demographic groups remain most underrepresented in Canada’s top tech occupations.

This research finds that many Canadians lack obvious pathways into tech jobs and that those working in tech occupations face substantial challenges when it comes to pay and opportunities for progression. These findings come at a time when there is much debate about how vulnerable groups will be able to compete in Canada’s rapidly changing innovation economy and labor market.

Tapping into new approaches to map the importance of tech workers across Canada’s innovation economy, and bringing forward timely insights on the location, participation, pay, education and demographics of Canada’s tech workers, this report provides a powerful snapshot of the challenges and opportunities facing our tech talent.

To read the full report, please see click on the following link