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Canada is a world leader in the application of new technology, and technicians and technologists are key elements in Canada's success. Canada's certified technicians and technologists make a difference in nearly every facet of business, industry and government.

CCTT is the national voice on issues such as pan-Canadian standards, national and international mobility, and national accreditation of technology programs. Very important, CCTT establishes and maintains the National Technology Benchmarks® in partnership with the National Council of Deans of Technology (NCDoT).

CCTT's provincial associations are responsible for issuing these highly regarded credentials, which are recognized by provincial statute in many Canadian provinces. Once certified, technicians and technologists may use one of the following professional designations: PTech (Professional Technologist), CET (Certified Engineering Technologist); AScT (Applied Science Technologist); CTech (Certified Technician); and TP (technologue professionnel).

Why certification? Becoming certified gives technicians and technologists a distinct and valuable advantage in today's competitive workplace, and is considered a major milestone in an individual's career.

CCTT was originally incorporated on September 1, 1972 as the Canadian Council of Engineering Technicians and Technologists (CCETT). The CCTT was subsequently issued supplementary letters patent in April 1986. On September 28, 2013 CCTT members approved a new set of Bylaws in accordance with the new Canada NFPC Act (2009).

CCTT is a national body that represents the interests of all applied science and engineering technology students and graduates. Where the provinces are responsible for an individual'scertification, CCTT is responsible for accrediting the programs that train technicians and technologists in Canada. If you are interested in becoming a certified technician or technologist, you should contact your nearest provincial association.